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Custom Wedding Dress Pakistan

Wedding is the legal union or relation between man and woman and Pakistan as Islamic state in subcontinent follows the Islamic rituals and customs. Every country has their own customs and believes depending upon the religion they follow. Pakistan follows religion Islam as according to the teachings of Quran, a married couple is equated with clothing. The context means that husband and wife act with each other as Protector and comforter.

wedding dress pakistan

A Pakistani wedding is like to celebrate the wed lock of the bride and groom. The Pakistani custom brings closer the families of bride and groom. Wedding ceremony has great importance in different cultures and customs of the world. Different cultures have different ways of wedding celebrations and also have different customs and traditions to perform on wedding. Pakistani wedding ceremony also has its own culture and customs to perform.


The wedding custom followed by Pakistan is just as other Islamic countries. A Pakistani wedding is great feast of fun, merriments and celebrations. Wedding in Pakistan is following several customs and rituals. Pakistani wedding ceremony is more adopted from the ceremonies and traditions of Hindu culture.

Custom Wedding dress Pakistan is more like following of the customs and cultures of Hindu culture. The celebration of wedding is being extended from "nikah" to "engagement, mayon and mehndi" which are added customs according to Islamic religion. Thus, by fulfilling the custom the people of Pakistan start celebrating the engagement, mayoon and mehndi. The Custom wedding dress Pakistan is very traditional and according to the customs of different regions of the country. The main custom wedding dresses of Pakistan are Gharara with choli, lehnga, sharara and Sari.

According to the custom wedding dress Pakistan the dress for "mayoon" and "mehndi" is usually yellow and green in color and it gives the traditional look too. While the dress for wedding day is usually red in color or in red shades like Pink and maroon. Some regions of Pakistan like to wear sari on wedding day which is also now added to custom wedding dress Pakistan. According to the custom and tradition of Pakistan the customs wedding dresses of wedding day is designed by bride on her own choice and while the "Walima" dress is totally designed on Groom's family choice.

The Custom wedding dress Pakistan demonstrate the dignity and honor of Islamic believes as it is all covered and Long "Dupatta" is used to cover the head of the bride. Thus, Custom wedding dress Pakistan is purely the symbol of Islamic traditions and culture with use of beautiful colors in which bride looks elegant and beautiful on her wedding day.


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